We are proud to have given back $851.99 to local school procrams and youth organizations to date. Thank you for choosing Full Court Custom Apparel.


We are very active in our community, and understand the importance in giving back to our youth and schools in our community. This is why we have started the GIVE-10 campaign. In a nutshell, if you have us create an online store for your organization that your family, friends and fans to purchase from, we will give back 10% of all sales in a 2 week window back to your team, school, church, organization, or booster club.Please see the Items to qualify for the GIVE-10 program below.

Qualifications for GIVE-10 program

You must meet the following qualifications below to qualify for the GIVE-10 program:

  • Be a school affiliated program.
  • Be a booster club of a school program.
  • Be a Non-Profit organization that is focused towards the youth.
  • Have not applied for the GIVE-10 program in the past 11 months.

How program works

Once your organization has been approved, we will develop a store for all your fan apparel. We will then open the store, and for all sales in the first 2 weeks of the store being open, we will give 10% back of all sales to your organization. Your store will remain open after the 2 weeks, just the 10% back will end.

GIVE-10 Application

SchoolSchool AffiliatedYouth TeamChurch Youth GroupNon-Profit Youth Program